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Whether you are a paying subscriber or an occasional visitor, our objective at TopGunsTrading. is to help you be a more successful investor. TGT brings together experienced professionals to provide profitable trading ideas, expert market analysis, professional portfolios to follow, and proven market indicators. And since we don't believe that only the wealthy should have access to the best market indicators and trading strategies, many of our reports are free to registered visitors.

You might be wondering why we would be willing to provide valuable market analysis and trading ideas for FREE? To answer simply, we are confident that once you see the way our professional team operates first-hand, you will want to explore our subscription services. Therefore, it is in our best interest to impress you with our analysis, ideas, and content that you won't find anywhere else.

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  • The TGT 100 Portfolio
  • -- All of the market's top rated stocks in a single portfolio

  • Top Gun Stock Picks
  • -- Each week we highlight three Top Gun Stock Picks from our universe of top rated stocks

  • "Daily State of the Markets"
  • -- Our acclaimed daily market report from editor and TGT co-founder, David Moenning (Includes an audio version to facilitate multi-tasking)

  • The 10.0 Report
  • -- A weekly report detailing some of the market's 10.0 rated stocks (many of which we own or are preparing to buy in our Top Gun Stock Portfolio)

  • The Risk Manager Report
  • -- Designed to help TGT visitors learn to STOP FEEDING THE BEARS! The report is an executive summary of the market's risk/reward environment.

  • Top Gun Market Models
  • -- Our Key Market Models objectively summarize the current state of the markets in terms of Trend and Momentum, Monetary Conditions, the Economy, Inflation, and Valuation.

  • The Leader Board
  • -- Stay focused on what IS working in the market.

  • The Sector Selector Report
  • -- Learn to focus on the leaders and ignore the laggards with our proprietary weekly sector analysis.

What's the catch? Everybody knows that there is no free lunch -- especially on Wall Street! So, we've decided to be completely upfront about our business plan. Registered visitors will, from time to time, receive promotional emails on TGT services or services we deem of interest to our readership. However, we value your privacy and pledge to NEVER give away or sell your email address.

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