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You know they're out there... Stocks that are "set up" to make a move. Each and every day there are stocks breaking out that you can profit from. But as anyone who has ever clicked the buy button knows, the problem is finding the companies that are poised to break either higher or lower - and finding them on a daily basis. In short, this is what TGT's flagship service - the Top Guns Trader  - is designed to do.

About the Top Guns Trader Service

Our Mission: One Trader (long or short)... Once a day... Every day.

Simply put, the Top Guns Trader service is designed to make trading and managing your money in the stock market easier and more profitable.

Each and every morning we identify just one Trader (either long or short). We then send you an email alert telling you exactly when we are entering the trade and exactly when we are going to exit. Yes, it's that simple.

So do yourself a favor; turn off the TV, put down the magazines, and click out of those internet chat rooms. Instead, start making one Trader - once a day - every day.

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Both Long and Short Trades

If the "Tech Bubble" and the "Credit Crisis" bear markets taught investors anything, it is that a long-only approach to investing is no longer sufficient. So here's a thought. Forget about buy-and-hold. Instead of watching your account get hammered whenever the bears come around...

Why not have a strategy to "go both ways" in your portfolio?

The Top Guns Trader Service  plays both sides of the game. We make long trades when the market is trending higher and short trades when the market is trending lower. This strategy essentially "puts the wind at our backs" and odds of success in our favor.

About Our Manager

Mr. Richard Meiers is a stock market veteran. Having spent more than 20 years in the investing game, he now focuses his time on keeping things simple by picking one trade... once a day... every day.

Rich began his career in 1991 as a broker. While toiling on the sales side of the business, Rich had the opportunity to work with one of the country's most successful small-cap mutual fund managers. Rich says one of the most valuable lessons he learned during this period was "it is better to be out of the market wishing you were in that in the market wishing you were out!" In other words, risk management has been an important part of Rich's strategy for a very long time.

In the late 1990's, Rich managed a broker-dealer in Chicago. Within 2 years, the firm had grown dramatically. Through this growth explosion, Mr. Meiers became a jack-of-all trades writing research reports, training reps, and even handling regulatory audits. At this time, Rich was also responsible for more than $50 million of client assets.

Having grown tired of the rigors of the broker/dealer business, Rich then moved on to a major Wall Street research firm. Rich worked primarily with institutional clients, providing them with data and research tools used in their daily investing decisions.

Three years ago, Rich was wooed away from the Wall Street game to work with one of our competitors in the internet investing business. And through knowing the right people, we were able to then convince him to join TSP and apply his brand of trading for our readers.

Let's Talk Top Guns Trader  Performance


Below is a summary of the trades we've completed for the Top Guns - Trader service as of 4/1/11.


Top Guns Trader Service
Closed Trade History








4/1/11 Super Micro Computer Inc SMCI Long $16.19 4/13/11 $15.31 -5.43%
3/31/11 Avago Technologies AVGO Long $31.53 4/6/11 $32.78 +3.96%
3/30/11 Fastenal Co FAST Long $64.50 4/4/11 $66.71 +3.42%
4/4/11 SodaStream Intl SODA Long $47.50 4/4/11 $43.79 -7.81%
3/25/11 WABCO Holdings WBC Long $60.49 4/1/11 $61.98 +2.46%
3/24/11 India Ltd REDF Long $7.24 3/30/11 $8.12 +12.15%
3/22/11 McLennan Companies, Inc MMC Long $29.49 3/29/11 $29.75 +0.88%
3/21/11 Acacia Research Corporation ACTG Long $33.01 3/24/11 $34.00 +2.99%
3/18/11 Maidenform Brands MFB Long $26.69 3/21/11 $27.29 +2.24%
3/17/11 Travelzoo Inc TZOO Long $46.22 3/17/11 $48.21 +4.30%
3/15/11 Dresser-Rand Group Inc DRC Long $50.49 3/16/11 $50.98 +0.97%
3/11/11 Advance Auto Parts AAP Long $64.50 3/11/11 $65.55 +1.62%
3/7/11 Gilead Sciences GILD Long $41.09 3/10/11 $41.08 -0.02%
3/4/11 Baxter International BAX Long $53.78 3/10/11 $52.45 -2.53%
3/9/11 Netflix Inc NFLX Short $195.29 3/9/11 $193.03 +1.17%
3/1/11 McDonalds Corp MCD Long $75.54 3/7/11 $77.04 +1.98%
3/3/11 BridgePoint Education Inc BPI Long $19.87 3/4/11 $18.35 -7.64%
2/28/11 VeriFone Systems Inc PAY Long $46.08 3/2/11 $48.70 +5.68%
2/25/11 CommVault Systems Inc CVLT Long $34.48 2/28/11 $36.50 +5.85%
2/24/11 Orbital Sciences Corp Co ORB Long $17.51 2/25/11 $17.85 +1.94%
2/16/11 Yahoo Inc YHOO Long $17.23 2/23/11 $16.63 -3.48%
2/22/11 Mollycorp Inc MCP Short $46.91 2/23/11 $46.13 +1.66%
2/18/11 AK Steel Holding Corporation AKS Long $17.87 2/22/11 $16.18 -9.45%
2/17/11 Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd YZC Short $30.14 2/22/11 $28.71 -4.74%
2/10/11 Hibbett Sports Inc HIBB Short $31.49 2/16/11 $32.11 -1.96%
2/14/11 Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc VRTX Long $38.40 2/16/11 $39.90 +3.90%
2/11/11 Mercadolibre Inc MELI Long $70.25 2/15/11 $72.35 +2.98%
2/7/11 Garmin Ltd GRMN Long $31.94 2/15/11 $32.44 +1.56%
2/8/11 SolarWinds Inc SWI Long $19.62 2/9/11 $19.47 -0.76%
2/3/11 Western Digital WDC Long $36.23 2/4/11 $35.88 -0.97%
2/2/11 eBay EBAY Long $31.50 2/4/11 $31.95 +1.43%
1/24/11 ProShares Short Dow 30 DOG Long $43.21 2/1/11 $42.57 -1.48%
2/1/11 CNH Global NV CNH Long $49.43 2/1/11 $51.63 +4.45%
1/28/11 Intl Ltd CTRP Short $43.98 1/28/11 $41.18 +6.36%
1/21/11 The Men's Wearhouse MW Long $26.56 1/27/11 $26.30 -0.97%
1/18/11 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc ALNY Long $10.69 1/27/11 $10.92 +2.15%
1/26/11 NXP Semiconductors NV NXPI Long $24.71 1/26/11 $26.16 +5.86%
1/25/11 Riverbed Technology Inc RVBD Short $33.65 1/25/11 $32.35 +3.86%
1/14/11 Treehouse Foods THS Short $49.94 1/21/11 $49.38 +1.12%
1/11/11 Brasil Telecom SA BTM Long $23.07 1/19/11 $23.75 +2.94%
1/12/11 Canadian Solar CSIQ Long $14.30 1/19/11 $15.13 +5.80%
1/11/11 Equinix Inc EQIX Long $86.28 1/19/11 $86.18 -0.11%
1/7/11 Aetna AET Long $32.19 1/19/11 $33.58 +4.31%
1/10/11 Endo Pharmaceuticals ENDP Short $34.01 1/18/11 $35.16 -3.38%
1/3/11 Green Dot Corp GDOT Long $56.59 1/13/11 $61.85 +9.29%
1/5/11 CBOE Holdings CBOE Long $23.71 1/6/11 $23.60 -0.46%
12/30/10 China Agritech CAGC Long $12.76 1/6/11 $13.19 +3.37%
12/29/10 Jazz Pharmaceuticals JAZZ Long $19.88 1/6/11 $19.82 -0.30%
12/28/10 Computer Sciences Corp CSC Long $49.47 1/6/11 $51.63 +4.37%
12/27/10 Yum! Brands YUM Short $49.45 12/27/10 $49.52 -0.14%
12/23/10 Willbros Group WG Long $8.76 12/23/10 $9.53 +8.79%
12/22/10 Tata Motors TTM Long $30.84 12/23/10 $30.37 -1.52%
12/20/10 Nike NKE Long $90.16 12/21/10 $92.30 +2.37%
12/17/10 Cytec
CYT Long $52.68 12/22/10 $53.82 +2.16%
12/16/10 Accenture ACN Long $46.48 12/17/10 $50.32 +8.26%
12/15/10 General
GD Long $69.68 12/17/10 $70.42 +0.80%

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The Top Guns Trader Service   is a "pro level" trading service that can easily replace your broker and those mutual funds in your portfolio. In short, you can be your hedge fund manager for just $899 a year, which is less than $75 per month! (Monthly and quarterly plans are also available.)

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Your actual results may differ from results reported for the model portfolio for many reasons, including, without limitation: (i) performance results for the model portfolio do not reflect trading commissions that you may or may not incur; (ii) performance results for the model portfolio do not account for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity, that may affect your results; (iii) the securities chosen for the model portfolio may be volatile, and although the "purchase" or "sale" of a security in the model portfolio will not be made in the model portfolio until confirmation that the email alert has been sent to all subscribers, delivery delays and other factors may cause the price you obtain to differ substantially from the price at the time the alert was sent; and (iv) the prices of securities in the model portfolio at the point in time you begin subscribing to our service may be higher than such prices at the time such stocks or options were chosen for inclusion in the model portfolio.

Investments in equities carry an inherent element of risk including the potential for significant loss of principal. Past performance is not an indication of future results.

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