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When looking at our Dividend Trader service, the very first question most people have is: How does dividend capturing work? To put it simply, our objective is to "capture" (via trading techniques) the value of a company's upcoming dividend. But unlike the traditional approach of waiting for a stock to pay a dividend once a quarter, we capture dividends every week!

There are a number of strategies that we have developed to "capture" dividends, which range from simple to quite sophisticated. But in reality, the most important aspect of our proprietary dividend trading strategy is it is easy to use and is a very CONSERVATIVE way to invest.

Everybody knows that dividend payments make up a substantial percentage of the market's long-term return. Everybody knows that dividend-paying stocks are less volatile. Everybody knows that dividend-paying stocks fare better in a bear market. But what everybody DOESN'T know is that it is possible to can capture dividends every week of the year!

Before we get into details, there is one more thing you should know. This strategy works, and it works well! Since going "live" with the service on 9/1/2003, more than 98% of our Dividend Trader trades have been winners.

Over a nearly 3 year period, the service has experienced a total of just 3 losing trades (every trading service has some losses, don't let anyone tell you differently!). And the best part is the losses in the Dividend Trader service have averaged less than -2% each!

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How Does It Work?

The simple explanation is we utilize proprietary trading strategies designed to capture the value of a company's next dividend.

As an example, let's say Daimler/Chrysler (DCX) will be going ex-dividend (the first day that a stock will trade without the rights to the next dividend) for $1.85/share in the next week. In short, we will attempt to capture as much of that $1.85 as we can in the shortest period of time BEFORE the company distributes the dividend.

We can do this in a number of ways but here are three of our favorite strategies:

Strategy #1: We can buy DCX a few days before the ex-dividend date on a dip, ride an ensuing price increase, and then sell a day or two before the ex-dividend date (stocks have a tendency to rally prior to their ex-dividend date). This approach allows us to capture a short-term trading gain based on the volatility that is typical around a stock's ex-date. Thus, in this scenario, we may not actually receive the dividend.

Strategy #2: We may buy DCX and immediately sell the next month's call options. This is one of our favorites because the strategy lowers risk of the positions right off the bat. We can then realize a profit on the value of the time premium in the options and possibly earn the dividend as well.

Strategy #3: In some cases, we will actually capture the dividend itself by buying the stock and holding it until at least the opening bell on ex-dividend day. Since this entitles us to the dividend, we can then attempt to sell DCX at or above our buy price; giving us a quick trading gain and the dividend to boot!

If this sounds complicated, don't worry -- remember, we do all the legwork! We do all the research and analysis on the stocks, the options, and the ex-dates, and then we tell members EXACTLY what we are going to do -- BEFORE we actually make a trade!

What You Receive:

We think it is important for you to know exactly what you will be receiving from us. So here's a summary of the reports you will begin receiving once you've signed up for a free-trial:

Real-Time TRADE ALERTS!! - We send a "real-time" ALERT! via email, fax, or pager BEFORE every trade we make. These live reports tell members EXACTLY what we are about to do - and why we are doing it. Each ALERT! includes:

  • Company Name
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Limit Price

(To avoid any conflicts, it is our policy to wait until after we have received the ALERT to actually enter our trades.)

Weekly Round-Up - Every week we update members on trading activity, current holdings, and performance of our portfolios.

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Performance, Performance, Performance!

The Dividend Trader's current trading record as of 12-31-07 is quite impressive (if we do say so ourselves):

239 Winning Trades - 3 Losses

That means over 98% of the trades have been winners!

In addition, it has been 813 days since the Dividend Trader closed a losing trade (as of 12/31/07).

In fact, the service has experienced only 3 losing trades in more than two and one-half years. And while it may sound strange, we're actually very proud of our losses. All three losses were small and very manageable. The losing trade results were: -1.59%, -2.67%, and -1.73%.

Another aspect of the services is consistency. The Dividend Trader service has brought its members an average of 5 winning trades per month since its inception in September 2003 (through 5/1/06).

Easy to Use and Understand

I know we mentioned this above, but one of the keys of the service, other than performance, is its ease of use. We do all the work and then provide you with concise updates to members âââ in real-time.

So if you are looking for an easy to use, conservative way to trade, be sure to give this service a try!

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All the best,

Jeffrey Maynard
Editor: Dividend Trader
Co-Founder TopGunsTrading.

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Trading Record: 239 Winning Trades - 3 Losses