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The business of money management really about one thing and one thing only - Performance. And in our never-ending quest for top performing portfolio strategies, we are pleased to introduce our latest effort: The Fab 5 Strategy

The Fab 5 Strategy is really very simple� we take the concept of �own the best and ignore the rest� to new levels. In short, I select just one stock from each of the market's top 5 sectors and hold these stocks until either (1) the stock breaks down into a downtrend or (2) a higher ranked stock becomes available.

One of the biggest benefits of this The Fab 5 Strategy is whenever a stock gets "on a roll,� we will continue to hold that stock for bigger gains than we would in the Trader Service. Members have frequently asked for �bigger gains� and the opportunity to �let winners run;� and in short, this is a way to do just that.

Performance Update:
The Fab-5 Strategy

Below is a summary of performance results of the Fab-5 Strategy:

Top Guns Fab-5 Strategy
Performance Summary


S&P 500
2006 +46.27% +13.62%
2007 +42.64% +3.53%
2008 -12.68% -38.49%
2009 +11.38% +23.45%
2010 +8.89% +12.78%

Cumulative +120.96% +0.74%

Fab 5 Outperformance: +120.22%


What You Receive:

Before anyone becomes a member of our service, we feel it is important for them to understand exactly what they will be getting from us. So here's a summary of the reports you will begin receiving once you've signed up for a free-trial:

    Real-Time Trade Alerts - We send a real-time ALERT! via email BEFORE every trade we make. These live reports tell members EXACTLY what we are about to do and why we are doing it. And to avoid any conflicts, it is our policy to wait until after we have received the ALERT to actually enter our trades. Each ALERT! includes:

    • Company Name
    • Ticker Symbol
    • Limit Price
    • Position Size
    • The Reasoning Behind the Trade - We believe it is vital to understand the reason WHY a trade is being made

    Weekly Round-Up - Every week we update members on trading activity, current holdings, and performance of our portfolio.

Easy to Use and Understand

One of the keys of the service, other than performance, is its ease of use. As we've stated, we do all the work in terms of research and analysis, and then provide you with concise updates - all in real-time.

What Makes Us Different?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is what makes the services offered at TopGunsTrading different from all the other online services out there? Frankly, we believe there are four reasons why our services are compelling and are something that serious investors shouldn't be without:

    1. We are REAL MONEY MANAGERS -- Top Guns is run by full-time professional investors, not journalists or investors who treat the market as a hobby. Our trading professionals average more than 15 years of experience in the business of managing money in the stock market.

    2. We run REAL PORTFOLIOS -- The Top Gun FAb-5 Portfolio is run EXACTLY as the alerts are sent.

    3. We are REAL-TIME -- We keep you up to the minute with "live" Trading Alerts, real-time Portfolio Strategy, and daily Market Analysis.

    4. We MANAGE RISK -- We actively manage our exposure to market risk in order to keep our portfolios "in-line" with market conditions at all times.

You Will Also Receive:

As a Top Gun Fab-5 Portfolio member, you'll also receive our "Daily State of The Markets" market analysis and commentary each morning before the opening bell.

In addition, as a subscriber to the Top Gun Fab-5 Portfolio you will have access to ALL of TopGunsTrading's exclusive reports including:

  • The 10.0 Report - A weekly report detailing some of the market's 10.0 rated Top Guns
  • The Risk Manager Report - A review of the market's big-picture risk/reward factors
  • The Leader Board - A summary of market leadership both here and abroad
  • The Sector Selector - A weekly review of the leading sectors in the market
  • The Top Gun Market Models - Our key market models help investors stay "in tune" with the major cycles

So if you are looking for a way to trade the exciting world of Top Gun stocks, be sure to give this service a try!

All the best,

David D. Moenning

Editor: Fab-5 Portfolio
Co-Founder TopGunsTrading.

The Fab-5 is up +120.96% since 2006 (S&P -0.74%)