Trading Services

Top Guns Trading offers easy-to-use TRADE ALERT! services:

The focal point of each service are the "live" TRADE ALERTS! sent to members before every trade the editors make. In addition, each Top Guns Trader service is a real money portfolio, which means our editors put their own money on the line on every single trade they publish. Finally, each service is run exactly as the alerts are sent - in real-time - for all to see.


Each service provides members with "live" TRADE ALERTS! via email detailing every single trade. Each ALERT! tells members EXACTLY what the editors are about to trade BEFORE they make the trade (editors are required to delay the entry of their trades until after members have received the ALERT!). In order to ensure accuracy, every ALERT! is time-stamped with the exact price we received on our trade. Each ALERT! includes:

  • Company Name
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Limit Price
  • Upside Targets
  • Downside Stop
  • Rationale for the trade